Weekly: Mon-ThursWeekends/Long Weekends (Holidays): Fri-Sun
    All prices below are the cottage rates for 2018
 Cottage 1 - 5 are 2 bdrms - sleeps 6 (sofa bed)
 Cottage 6 - 9 are 3 bdrms - sleeps 8 (sofa bed)
Cottage 3 - 8 are on the water front
Cottage 8 and 9 are newly built
Duration Period Cottage Rates (per night) - cottages with (*) are 3 bedrooms
Season Type
Length 9* 8* 7 6* 5 4 3 2 1
May - June
Weekly $169.43 $217.84 TBA $159.47 $144.64 $144.64 $144.64 $108.48 $108.48
Weekends $211.79 $272.30 TBA $199.34 $180.80 $180.80 $180.80 $135.60 $135.60
Long Weekends $249.13 $294.09 TBA $215.28 $195.26 $195.26 $195.26 $146.45 $146.45
June - September
Weekly $242.05 $311.20 TBA $203.40 $180.80 $180.80 $180.80 $135.60 $135.60
Weekends $302.56 $389.00 TBA $254.25 $226.00 $226.00 $226.00 $169.50 $169.50
Long Weekends $326.76 $420.12 TBA $274.59 $244.06 $244.08 $244.08 $183.06 $183.06
September - October
Weekly $169.43 $217.84 TBA $159.47 $144.64 $144.64 $144.64 $108.48 $108.48
Weekends $211.79 $272.30 TBA $199.34 $180.80 $180.80 $180.80 $135.60 $135.60
Long Weekends $249.13 $294.09 TBA $215.28 $195.26 $195.26 $195.26 $146.45 $146.45

Campsites & Trailer Sites Rates
All prices for campsites and trailer sites are fixed throughout all cottage seasons
Campsites Trailer Sites
With Electrical: $45.20 per night Without Electrical: $33.90 per night With 15 Amp Electrical: 57.20 per night
Please note - should there be a discrepancy between the information on the website and our booking system. The website information shall be used. 

Extra Guests/Vehicles/Visitor/Garbage Fees

Cottages: Each cottage can accommodate 2 extra people (up to maximum occupancy) at an additional fee of $15/night or $65/week for each extra person.

Check In: 4pm - 9pm

Early Check in fee: $10/per hour for every hour before 4pm.
Late Check in fee: $15/per hour for every hour after 9pm.

Check Out: 11am

Late check out fee: $10/per hour after 11am to 4pm depending on the next booking.

Campsites: Based on 2 adults, 2 children below the age of 13, 2 tents and 1 car.

Additional adults on the campsites is $15/night, children below 13 are $5/night.

Check In: 2pm - 9pm

Early Check in fee: $10/per hour for every hour before 2pm.
Late Check in fee: $15/per hour for every hour after 9pm.

Check Out: 12pm (noon)

Late check out fee: $10/per hour after 12pm to 2pm depending on the next booking.

Day Visitor Fee: $10/person - All visitors must register at the office and leave by 10pm otherwise it will result in an additional person charge on your rental agreement.

Extra vehicle Rates: Parking Rate is $10/per stay. Speed limit of 5 km.

BBQ Grill Rental for cottage rentals: $20/per stay and must be returned cleaned and ready for the next customer.
($40 cleaning deposit). First come first Serve.

Pets: No animals in the cottages or campsites due to allergies except for Guide Dogs.

Garbage bag fee: Each site and cottage rental includes 1 black garbage bag per 7 days of stay. Additional garbage bags can be purchased at the office for $5.

Motor Boat Charge per day: $10.00

Terms & Conditions

Bookings must be paid in FULL at time of reservation (credit card required - Visa, Mastercard or PayPal).

Failure to exit on time will result in a late check out fee.

Cottages are to be left as you found them. Failure to do so will result in an extra cleaning charge.

Damage caused to the cottages, appliances, furniture or items are missing from cottages, charges will be processed to your credit card given upon reservation.

Quiet time is from 11pm to 10am.

Only flashlights, low wattage battery operated lanterns, propane lanterns allowed during quiet time 10pm to 10am on the campground including the decks of cottages. IF we can see the light bulb then it;s too bright.

All fires must be attended to by and adult, extinguished at the end of every evening and must only be in a fire pit.

Do not move pic nic tables and fire pits.

All children must be accompanied by an adult in all public spaces, including the waterfront.

All alcoholic beverages must be consumed in your private campsite, trailer site or cottage.

Absolutely no tents on the cottage grounds.

All garbage must be in the supplied garbage bag and at the end of your stay must be put into the garbage bin.

Do Not leave on the site as animals will break into it. You will be charged a clean up fee.

I have read and agree to the above fees, terms and conditions and my payment is proof of my reading and acceptance of the aforementioned. I understand that failure to adhere to the above can result in my stay being terminated without any refund.

Refund Policy

All bookings must be paid in full at booking time.

Bookings cancelled with 30 days or more notice are subject to the following fees : $25 fee for campsites and $50

There is no refund for bookings cancelled less than 30 days. Please ask for more pictures if you are unsure or come and visit us.